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Ever wanted your own business, to be your own boss?

This is your opportunity to join a dynamic growing corporation. At New Image we believe there is an entrepreneurial spirit in everyone.
A highly respected quality product range and a core team of industry leaders will lead and coach you into an exciting and rewarding networking career where you can set your own goals. New Image offers you two opportunities to save and make money. Firstly using the products you save money and you can make money by buying the products at wholesale and selling them at retail. Secondly, to make more money by introducing others into the networking business, therefore receiving a commission on the business they do. These commissions are explained in the compensation plans listed below.
Below you will find a list of links that are your useful keys to understanding New Image and what it can do for you.

The Global Compensation Plan

The Global Compensation Plan is designed to reward you for retailing product and building your New Image business network. The plan addresses the needs of part-time people who wish to supplement their income as well as for individuals who are looking for a full-time, low risk, low overhead business with exceptional returns.

The New Image Quick Start Manual

This manual is designed for new representatives to enjoy the benefits and rewards by way of an easy, understandable system. With the help of your sponsor (explained in the compensation plan), you can use this Quick Start programme to fast track your ability to make money in your new business.

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